TKT is a creative consultancy, free from the legacy ‘advertising’ agency model.

To the man with an advertising agency, every problem looks like an ad.

We’re not an ‘advertising’ agency.

At TKT we don’t want to be known for doing a particular type of work – we’ll do literally anything so long as it works.  We’re focused solely on our clients’ problems; how we solve them depends entirely on the individuals situation.

We’re not arrogant or naïve enough to think we can do it all so we try and collaborate with other clever people that bring a huge variety of skills and experience to bear on our projects.

The Model

We’ve built a whole new business model that frees us from output and lets us focus on what we love doing most, finding creative solutions to our client’s most pressing problems. We’ve even renamed our departments to keep us honest to our purpose.

The System

We’ve also set up systems that take the hassle out of effective collaboration and we pride ourselves on having the humility, enthusiasm, and ability to work with any partner that offers a solution, faster, and more cost effectively.

We work with some of the most flexible and forward thinking clients in the business because we’re always looking for new and better ways of doing things.

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